What is Loyalista Online Shop?

Loyalista Shop is a E-Commerce that accepts advocate change coin as payment. The site allows the merchants or sellers to sell goods, digital products, services online and many more.


Who we Are?

Loyalista Online Shop is a team of Filipino entrepreneurs committed to provide quality products and services that will create a significant impact to the community using E-commerce as its primary platform.

Our Principle

With the advancement of technology most specially in Crypto currencies, our lives are supposedly easier yet the lack of awareness about such opportunity and because of that the people still has not been able to come out of poverty. We then saw what is missing and have dedicated our passion and knowledge into this company that would provide education and opportunity to everyone that they may win their war against poverty.

Core Values

L- aying out
O- pportunities and
Y- earning
A- ggresively in
L- eading
I- ndividuals to
S- uccess
T- hrough
A- dvocating change